Daniela Salvemini

Ph.D., London University (Pharmacology)

Department: Pharmacological and Physiological Science

Academic Rank: Associate Professor

Phone: 314-977-6430 Fax: 314-977-6411

E-mail: salvemd@slu.edu


Primary Area of Cardiovascular Research Interest

Inflammation, Nitroxidative Stress, Cytokines, Lipids, Drug Discovery and Development

Summary of Cardiovascular Research Interest

My research focuses on pain with a particular emphasis on nitroxidative stress and sphingolipids and their roles in the modulation of nociception at peripheral, spinal and supraspinal sites. Chronic severe pain is a significant global health problem. In the US alone, one third of Americans suffer some form of chronic pain, and in these individuals over 30% of reported pain is resistant to analgesic therapy. The economic impact of pain is equally large at approximately $100 billion annually. These figures will continue to be on the rise due to an aging population suffering from diabetes, stroke and cancer. Over the years, my lab has discovered two major pathways in the development of pain of several etiologies; the superoxide- to- peroxynitrite pathway and the ceramide-to-sphingosine-1-phosphate pathways. Both are poised for multilevel manipulations with novel therapeutics. Through a multidisciplinary approach including genetic, molecular, bioanalytical, biochemical and pharmacological tools my lab is actively engaged in understanding the signaling pathways through which these species contribute to the development of pain. Strong emphasis is placed on chronic neuropathic pain to include chemotherapy-induced pain. Through our key collaborative efforts with chemistry groups at various institutions we are also involved in synthesizing novel chemical entities that can be exploited pharmacologically to unravel the therapeutic importance of these pathways thus addressing major unmet medical needs with huge socioeconomic consequences.