Enrico Di Cera

M.D., Catholic University Medical School, Rome, Italy

Department: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Academic Rank: Professor and Chairman

Phone: 314-977-9201 Fax: 314-977-1183

E-mail: enrico@slu.edu

Lab Web Page Links: http://biochemweb.slu.edu/people/faculty/di_cera.shtml


Primary Area of Cardiovascular Research Interest


Related Areas of Cardiovascular Research Interest

-Clotting factors

Summary of Cardiovascular Research Interest

My lab has been working on thrombin since 1990 and defined the functional and structural aspects of its interaction with Na + and key physiological substrates. We have engineered and characterized all of the critical reagents that are essential to the performance of this work. The environment in my lab offers a unique combination of expertise in enzyme kinetics, molecular biology, thermodynamics and X-ray structural biology that is ideal for the training of students and postdoctoral fellows interested in the molecular basis of protease function and cardiovascular disease.