Guangyong Peng

M.D., Jiangsu University

Ph.D. in Immunology, Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine

Department: Internal Medicine/Molecular Microbiology& Immunology

Academic Rank: Associate Professor

Phone: 314-977-9064 Fax: 314-771-3816


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Primary Area of Cardiovascular Research Interest

-Role of different T cell subsets in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular diseases

-Inflammation, Toll-like receptors, and innate regulations

Related Areas of Cardiovascular Research Interest

-Regulatory T cells and atherosclerosis

-Toll-like receptor signaling and its relevance to atherogenesis

Summary of Cardiovascular Research Interest

The major research interests in Dr. Peng’s Lab are focused on identifying the roles of different types of tumor-associated regulatory T cells (Tregs) in suppression of anti-tumor immunity and development of strategies to overcome tumor suppressive microenvironments induced by Tregs and tumor cells. Dr. Peng and his research group are also interested in critical roles of innate and adaptive immune responses in the pathogenesis and regulation of atherosclerosis.