Ryan D. McCulla

Ph.D., Iowa State University (Chemistry)

Department: Chemistry

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Phone: 314-977-2838 Fax: 314-977-2521

E-mail: rmccull2@slu.edu

Lab Web Page Links: http://www.slu.edu/~rmccull2/


Primary Area of Cardiovascular Research Interest

- Lipid oxidation products of atomic oxygen and ozone: selective targeting of oxidized lipid mediators of cardiovascular disease.

Related Areas of Cardiovascular Research Interest

- oxidative stress biomarkers of cardiovascular disease.

Summary of Cardiovascular Research Interest

Our primary research interests have centered on the rapid generation of atomic oxygen and ozone to investigate biochemical mechanisms of oxidative stress. Namely, we have developed a series of photoactivated atomic oxygen/ozone precursors that are capable of generating atomic oxygen and ozone within a cell. Increasing levels of low altitude ozone pollution has been attributed to increased mortality in susceptible groups due to the detrimental impact ozone on the cardiovascular system. Using lipidomic approaches, we have been investigating new ozone-mediated lipid oxidation products and interrogating their role in cardiovascular disease. Since the levels of ozone pollution show no signs of abating, understanding the mechanisms of ozone toxicity is expected to remain an important area of cardiovascular research.