R. Scott Martin

Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Missouri-Columbia

Department: Chemistry

Academic Rank: Associate Professor

Phone: 314-977-2836 Fax:

E-mail: martinrs@slu.edu

Lab Web Page Links: www.slu.edu/department-of-chemistry-home/faculty-and-staff/r-scott-martin/martin-group/


Primary Area of Cardiovascular Research Interest

-Endothelial and Nitric Oxide Mediated Regulation of Blood Flow.

Related Areas of Cardiovascular Research Interest

-Blood flow modeling using microfluidic devices.

Summary of Cardiovascular Research Interest

We use flow-based analysis, electrophoresis, electrochemistry and fluorescence to probe and monitor various biological systems. Current projects include: 1) the development of a microchip-based blood brain barrier (BBB) mimic to study the effect of nitric oxide (NO) on the integrity of the BBB; 2) development of a microchip-based analysis system/reactor system to study the effect of NO on the onset of Parkinson's disease; 3) development of new microchip and electrochemical materials to enable the detection of NO release from endothelial cells.