William L. Neumann

Ph.D., University of Missouri-St. Louis (Chemistry)

Department: Pharmaceutical Sciences (SIU-E)

Academic Rank: Associate Professor

Phone: 618-650-5088 Fax: 618-650-5145

E-mail: wneuman@siue.edu

Lab Web Page Link(s):http://www.siue.edu/pharmacy/contact/pharmaceutical-sciences/neumann-bill.shtml


Primary Area of Cardiovascular Research Interest

-Synthesis of lipid mediators relevant to cardiovascular disease. Contribution of reactive oxygen/nitrogen species to cardiovascular disease.

Related Areas of Cardiovascular Research Interest

-Chemical synthesis of medicinally active compounds

Summary of Cardiovascular Research Interest

1. The development of new synthetic methodologies specifically geared for the rapid generation of new medicinally active compounds (heterocyclic systems, peptidomimetics, lipid mediators) which may have applications to cardiovascular diseases. 2 The design and synthesis of redox-active transition metal-based probes for the interrogation of biological pathways which involve reactive oxygen/nitrogen species such as peroxynitrite in cardiovascular disease.